As we reported a month ago, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is involved with adapting 'Sandman' for the big screen, with David Goyer having written the film's outline. The new news is that Gordon-Levitt may not only star, but produce and direct the film as well.

Deadline reports that Gordon-Levitt is still eyeing the project and that Goyer (who's had a hand in all of DC's recent comic book adaptations) came up with the outline and will oversee the screenplay and produce. The Hollywood Reporter is suggesting that Gordon-Levitt is confirmed as the star and director. This news was originally broken by Badass Digest. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is coming off 'Don Jon,' which he wrote, directed and starred in, so it seems he's hoping to spend more time behind the camera. This also suggests that he's out of the running for Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man.'

UPDATE: Levitt confirmed over Twitter that he's signed on for 'Sandman,' though whether he will star in and/or direct the film is still to be determined.

As we said at the time  Neil Gaiman's ‘The Sandman’ was a 1990s Vertigo series that focused on Morpheus, the personification of dreams, who -- along with the rest of his extended family (Death, Destiny, Despair, etc) -- helps keep the universe running smoothly. The series rotated between high concept fantasy adventure, horror and philosophical, oddball drama, making it the kind of thing that’s terrifically suited for a comic series but a tough nut to crack on any screen. Hopefully Goyer and Gordon-Levitt have cracked it.

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