The two names that have popped up most as the contenders for the lead roles in 'Jurassic World' have been Bryce Dallas Howard and Josh Brolin. But while Howard recently confirmed her involvement, it appears that Brolin won't be making a trip to Isla Nubar, and his shoes may be filled by Chris Pratt.

The Wrap is reporting that Brolin's talks fell through and that the current front runner is Pratt, who stars in 'Parks and Recreation' and will be the lead in next summer's 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' They also mention that Irrfan Khan ('Life of Pi,' The Amazing Spider-Man') is being courted for a role. It seems the biggest problem for Pratt would be his involvement with 'Parks and Rec,' which is currently in its sixth season, though it's unknown if NBC will renew the series for a seventh as the show has struggled in the ratings and was recently put on a sabbatical.

What's most interesting about this is it suggests that Pratt, who is mostly known for comedic roles (though he did have a small part in 'Zero Dark Thirty'), is going to be taken seriously by Hollywood, even if 'Guardians'  -- which gave us a sneak peak of its weirdness in the end credits of 'Thor: The Dark World' -- doesn't provide his breakthrough performance. 'Jurassic World' is scheduled to hit theaters June 12, 2015.