Leo vs. Theo -- how does one choose? That's a nearly impossible decision. Well, actress Kate Winslet, who starred with both handsome hunks in 'Titanic' and 'Divergent,' respectively, was asked that extremely difficult question. She fielded it with grace, class and awesome!

When asked who is dreamier -- Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson or Theo James as Four -- Winslet, looking resplendent in a clingy red frock, turned right to the camera and offered this answer: "Oh, Leo, is my love of my life. How could you possibly even ask me that question? If I said Theo over Leo, he would never let me stay the night at his house ever again. We can't have that. That's where I stay."

What makes this interview even more rad is that fact that Winslet didn't seem too, too jazzed answering the general questions about the film and premieres, but she lit up and showed off her lovely wit when asked about Leo.

Rest easy, Leo. You are Kate's No. 1 guy. And Theo, we love you, but you're a rookie, for now!