Katy Perry said her next album will be “f—ing dark,” but will it also have some twang? The Sun reports that Perry may go country for her next record!

“My favorite record is Patty Griffin’s ‘Flaming Red.’ I discovered it when I was in Nashville,” she said. “I definitely want to do a Patty Griffin-esque thing at some point. It’s something that I’m really excited about because I know I can do it and I haven’t really played that card yet.”

While Perry hasn’t released any country music of her own yet, she did write a country-pop ditty for Jessie James. Perry’s ‘Bullet‘ demo hit the web in January, and Perry pulls off country pretty well!

My momma warned me ’bout boys like you / It’s the reason I wear these steel-toed boots / I’m gonna give you a little piece of advice / My papa packs heat and he won’t think twice,” Perry croons in the track. “Grab your hat, better get gone / But if you stay, you’ve been warned.” It’s clear she gets the gist of the lyrical content common to country songs — all that’s missing is a pickup truck. Could a collaboration with pal Taylor Swift be in order?

Perhaps Perry’s split with ex Russell Brand will inspire some banj0-backed lovelorn tracks. Maybe we shouldn’t get too used to seeing her rainbow hair just in case she starts obscuring it with cowboy hats!

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