On tonight’s (July 12) episode of ‘Duets,’ each remaining contestant sang a duet with their superstar mentor and a solo song. They were allowed to pick each song they performed. For his duet with Kelly Clarkson, amateur Jason Farol chose ‘Me and Mrs. Jones,’ a bluesy, torchy ballad about infidelity. For his solo song, he tackled ‘Runaway Baby’ by Bruno Mars.

Farol has blossomed since the early weeks of the competition, where he didn’t fare so well and barely made it to the subsequent week. He’s grown, though, becoming a bit of a soul singer. He sang this soulful song before when he was in danger of being sent home. He had to sing for his life in order to remain with the show, so he was comfortable with the tune.

While all the singers in the superstar lounge claimed to understand why teenage girls are going nuts for Farol, hypercritical John Legend still wasn’t feeling him; that’s been the case for much of the season between the Lege and Farol. Robin Thicke missed the naughty element of the song, given the subject matter, and we have to agree.

When he rocked Mars’ neo doo-wop song, Farol showed us a new, vibrant side of himself, coming alive and interacting with the crowd. This is the type of style and sound he should pursue. He doesn’t have the strongest voice of the remaining three contestants, but he does have an energy when he opens up and performs solo, which is ironic since he is on a show called ‘Duets.’

Watch Jason Farol + Kelly Clarkson Perform ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ on ‘Duets’

Watch Jason Farol Perform ‘Runaway Baby’ on ‘Duets’

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