Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman sequel is taking Eggsy & Co. across the pond to the good ol’ US of A, where they’ll meet the members of Statesman, the American iteration of the top-notch super-secret spy agency — including new characters played by Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum. As you can see in this new featurette for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the agents aren’t the only notable thing about Statesman, which manufactures its very own signature bourbon. And it looks like Kingsman fans (of legal drinking age, of course) will have a chance to taste that branded booze relatively soon.

In addition to revealing some new footage from The Golden Circle, the featurette also takes a closer look at the creation of the Statesman brand bourbon, courtesy of Old Forester. Like the fictional American agency in the film, the company is based out of Kentucky (Taron Egerton’s awkward pronunciation of the state is pretty charming, by the way), and they crafted a special batch bourbon for the upcoming sequel.

Statesman bourbon might actually be the very first liquor created specifically for a film — although various beers and alcohol brands have had promotional tie-ins for movies, like James Bond and Heineken, I’m fairly certain that no other film has released its very own booze. As confirmed by Old Forester, that appears to be the plan for Statesman, which means there will very likely be a scenario in the near future where you can watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle while sipping on Kingsman bourbon; it’s like smell-o-vision, but BETTER.

That’s also great news for our fearless editor-in-chief Matt Singer, who has filmed himself devouring entire movie tie-in menus at various restaurants, including the recent Kong: Skull Island menu at Johnny Rockets. Finally, this unhealthy devotion to movie tie-in foodstuffs has paid off. It is Matt’s moral duty to drink this Statesman bourbon, and it is our responsibility to film his experience for your edutainment.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters on September 22. Statesman bourbon arrives on shelves in August.

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