Manners still maketh man in the newest red-band trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the right proper sequel to 2015’s jolly good spy thriller. This time, the British espionage agency has had their tailor-shop hideout blown to smithereens along with their stately Xavier’s Mansion-looking headquarters, so they must seek lodgings across the pond. As they take refuge with their American cousins (one of whom is, god bless him, Channing Tatum), they plot to topple this installment’s villain, a tech titan with sinister plans for her fleet of delivery drones that are in no way modeled after Amazon, no siree.

The new clip gives us a whole lot to pore over beyond basics of plot. For one, Halle Berry is seen but not really heard, donning horn-rimmed glasses suggesting that her character may be America’s equivalent of Mark Strong’s jacked-up tech expert. We get a better impression of the Statesman agency, an utterly absurd Englishman’s impression of American culture, where everyone’s a bourbon-swilling cowboy. The American West theme extends to their weapons as well; take a moment to really drink in the majesty of the shot where a dude gets lassoed in half. Beyond that, we’ve got the return (sans one eye) on Colin Firth’s superspy Harry Hart, a snowy action set piece, and Julianne Moore making threats in a cheery tone of voice.

All signs suggest that this will be a gratuitously violent good time in the vein of the first film. The key creative personnel — Taron Egerton reprises the lead role of Eggsy, and writer-director Matthew Vaughn returns was well — has stayed on, and the trailer hits the same over-the-top fever pitch as the original. The bright orange tuxedo jacket gives me pause, however. Who do you think you are, Eggsy? Every man has limits.

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