HBO's 'The Leftovers' has the whole Biblical rapture thing down pat, and now it's time for Nic Cage to get in on the action. The full-length 'Left Behind' trailer is here to show a world in which a chunk of the population mysteriously vanishes, including the pilots flying Nic Cage's plane!

This isn't the first time Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins' original book made the big-screen leap, though. 'Left Behind' spawned a series of films -- 'Left Behind,' 'Left Behind II: Tribulation Force' and 'Left Behind: World at War' -- all starring Kirk Cameron. Hopefully this new film interpretation will have more success.

While many of us watching 'The Leftovers' have come to see how those left behind on a post-raptured Earth survive, we now see in the 'Left Behind' trailer what the world is like the moment these millions of people disappear -- and what happens when one of those people left behind is Nic Cage. Spoiler alert: chaos ensues.

'Left Behind' opens in theaters on October 3.

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