It was a girls night out last night as my friends and I experienced the Broadway musical performance of Legally Blonde: The Musical.    If you haven't had a chance to experience a musical performance then Legally Blonde is a must.If you go into this thinking you are getting the movie set to music you would be right and wrong.  It does follow some of the movie but it is its own story.


I walked into the auditorium of the Amarillo Civic Center Audiotorium without any expectations except a good time.  A good time is what I got.  The show opened up with a great number from the Delta Nu girls singing about Elle Woods getting engaged to her boyfriend.  However, things don't go as planned and Elle and her dog Bruiser (you don't see much of Bruiser, but what you do is amazing) set off on a journey to win him back by getting into Harvard Law School.

When Elle arrives at Harvard she is labeled the stereotypical blonde, however, there is more to Elle than just her hair color and her Malibu upbringing.

Elle goes on to make a great law student when she is chosen as an intern, and gets to work on the case involving fitness mogul, Brooke Wyndam.  Then after being hit on by her Professor, she is fired from her internship and kicked out of the program.  However, Brooke fires the professor and hires Elle (Delta Nu's stick together).   Let's just say craziness ensues in the courtroom, first with the pool boy, then with a perm. Elle wins the case, saving the  fitness mogul,  from being convicted of the murder of her husband.

One instance where Legally Blonde: The Musical differs from the movie is you actually see the relationship between Elle and Emmett bloom.

Paulette, the hair dresser that befriends Elle is right on, and the man she falls in love with, delivery guy Kyle, brings hilarity to the show.  Don't worry you get the stretch and pop number.  Of course they couldn't leave that one out.

Overall Legally Blonde: The Musical is a great show and the actors put on a great performance.  See a sneak peek here:

However, the only thing I caution is, this really isn't a show for children under 13.  There were some scenes inappropriate for children.  I had families with kids sitting all around me and during some scenes I was cringing for the parents.

If you missed the show last night you still have one more chance to see it tonight at 7:30p.  Tickets are still available at all Panhandle Tickets and online at

Thanks again to Civic Amarillo for bringing in another great season of Broadway performances.  Next season is going to be great, Young Frankenstein and Shrek: The Musical.

Did you see Legally Blonde: The Musical last night?  What did you think of the show?

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