DC and The CW have a habit of granting practical wishes of fans and reporters, to the point that fan-fervor brought Constantine’s Arrow appearance, the Flash-Supergirl crossover and more, most recently cementing a musical crossover for the latter two in 2017. Recent rumors have suggested that Joss Whedon himself might direct the two-part musical extravaganza, with Neil Patrick Harris to boot, but is there any truth to them?

For context’s sake, it was That Hashtag Show that first brought word of Whedon “locked” to direct both installments of the two-part musical crossover between the talent-laden series, also alleging that 2009 Batman: The Brave and the Bold creation “Music Meister” would act as the crossover’s central villain. The report also suggests the possibility of Neil Patrick Harris reprising his musical voiceover role, given Harris’ history with Whedon in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, as well as (unmentioned by the report) Whedon directing the 2009 Glee episode in which Harris appeared.

Also worth mentioning, both Flash and Supergirl stars Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist also share history with Glee, albeit none that coincides with Whedon. For his part, Whedon most recently claimed at Comic-Con to be working on an original product post-Marvel machine fatigue, saying “when I finish in a couple of months, the studios will get together for a bidding war or an intervention.”

Most pertinently, reports have cited That Hashtag Show’s accuracy with reports of casting Finn Jones as Iron Fist, as well recent rumors that suggested The Flash would finally cast Mirror Master. Curiously, however, both reports arrived within hours of official trade acknowledgement and studio affirmations, whereas Warner Bros. only just announced their intent for a Supergirl-Flash musical, aiming either episode for the latter half of both seasons in 2017.

Equal counterpoint, Kevin Smith was first announced to direct a Flash episode in January 2016; shooting in March for a May premiere. Someone as in-demand as Joss Whedon could easily require a longer lead-time, and for what it’s worth, were Joss Whedon to return to directing TV, a Flash and Supergirl two-part musical (the latter of which likely owes at least some inspiration from Buffy) would seem the way to do it.

Then again, there’s also producer suggestions that the musical event would use largely existing songs, with perhaps one or two originals, amid other reports that the musical aspect might take place in someone’s mind. Neither of which particularly sound like Whedon’s M.O.

It could be some time yet before The CW releases any official details of the two-part musical (both That Hashtag Show and IGN were denied official comment), at least before the four-part crossover itself, but are thoughts of Whedon’s involvement too good to be true?

In the meantime, enjoy the dulcet tones of either cast:

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