You take the good, you take the bad, you take ‘em both and then you have ...

West Nile Virus.

That is if you’re Lisa Whelchel, best known as Blair from the 1980s mega-hit ‘The Facts of Life.’

The former sitcom star recently made her way back into the spotlight by participating in the current season of America’s waning obsession ‘Survivor: Philippines,’ episodes of which are airing now.

On Tuesday, she posted on Twitter:

The revelation came just a couple days after a fellow 'Survivor' castmate, baseball player Jeff Kent, dissed her pretty hard for having "no game" and helping to get him eliminated from the competition. Which kinda sounds like game to us.

Anyway, she expects to make a full recovery, and although she doesn’t say where or how she contracted the illness, it's not hard to imagine it probably happened sometime while filming the show. We've all seen what goes on during 'Survivor.'

Of course, she could have caught it waiting in line for a half-caff at Starbuck’s too, but that doesn't make for a terribly exotic story.

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