When it comes to losing a tooth, kids usually get super excited.  Well they have to get excited because the tooth fairy is coming.  It is super exciting, and shouldn't be super sad. I remember when E. lost his first tooth.  It was the night before he started kindergarten.    That was two firsts for this momma and it was overwhelming.  However, he was over the moon excited about it.

This little 7-year old boy asked his mom if she would pull his tooth because it was loose and she did.  However, after the tooth was pulled this little boy was beyond devastated.

How cute is this video.  "I love you tooth."  I cannot get enough of it.  I keep watching it.  I love it how kids get excited or emotional over little things.

I can see how losing a tooth can be sad I mean the tooth has been with your for a while.  I cannot help but wonder how he will react when the rest of his teeth come out.

Fast forward 8-10 years when he has to have his wisdom teeth out if his mom will be taking video and he'll cry over his wisdom teeth.  "I Love You Teeth."