Have you ever found anything just laying around on a parking lot?  Something of value maybe?  Something that might mean the world to someone and they lost it?  This happens all the time.  You find something like a set of keys, a piece of jewelry, etc.  Do you ever wonder why that item is where it is and how it ended up in a parking lot?

With most people if it is something of value, we end up heartbroken when we lose it, especially if it is something meaningful like a ring or a present.

People lose stuff all the time, and people find stuff all the time and when you can reconnect the person to their precious item, that is the greatest feeling in the world.

I was just scrolling through my Facebook last night like I always do before I go to bed, just checking out the world and seeing how everyone's day went.  I ran across this post:

Do you know any information about this ring? Do you think you might know the owner?

How did it get in the parking lot? Did it fall off someone's finger? Did it get thrown across the parking lot in the middle of a fight. Did a child have it as a token of their parent? Was it stolen and the thieves just dropped it in the parking lot of Walmart?

I have all these questions. However the biggest question is, who does this ring belong to and how do we help find the owner?

So if you can help and you might know someone with the last name Martinez who was in the US Army Ordinance Corps. Help us help Ruth find him and reunite him with his ring.

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