Since Disney acquired Marvel Studios, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been blown sky high, and it's about time both the superhero movie engine and the animation department combined forces to create Disney's first animated Marvel movie, 'Big Hero 6.' Casting has been slowly underway to fill out the leads, and now former 'SNL' funnygal and 'Bridesmaids' star Maya Rudolph has been thrown in the mix.

While character details are unknown for Rudolph, The Wrap reports she's been cast in one of the remaining leading roles opposite T.J. Miller as Fred (aka "Fredzilla"), a comic book fanboy later transformed into a "friendly monster," and the more recently cast Jamie Chung as Go Go Tomago, a daredevil bike messenger of sorts.

Based on all the information revealed during last year's D23 Expo, the other main characters remaining to be voice cast include Hiro, our protagonist and 14-year-old genius inventor; Wasabi-No Ginger, a fighter with one particularly sharp weapon; Honey Lemon, a part-time barista and brainiac chemist; and Baymax, Hiro's robot best friend, though it's unclear of the latter will get an official voice actor. Our money for Rudolph's role is on Honey Lemon, since, you know, she's the only remaining female character to be cast.

'Big Hero 6' centers on Hiro, a young inventor who, after losing his big brother, mends his broken heart through the relationship he forms with his robot pal, Baymax. However, when Hiro’s latest invention, micro-bots, falls into the wrong hands, he must dive deep into the San Fransokyo underworld with the help of his ”group of not-so-superheroes."

If you're dying to know more about what's to come in 'Big Hero 6,' check out our coverage from the last D23 Expo and see the first concept trailer below. The film is set for release this November 7, so we're sure to get an official announcement with the full cast soon.

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