Do you have unused medication lying around the house?  If you do have old medication around the house then it is time to get rid of it.

Brian Chase

When it comes to old unused medication lying around your house it is best to get rid of it instead of letting it sit in your cabinets.  When it comes to getting rid of your there are several ways to do get rid of your old medication.  You can flush them, but you need to know if your medicines are flushable.  Some medication can contaminate a water supply.  You could throw them in the trash but someone could still get a hold of them.  If you do throw them away then you need to mix them with something undesirable.   However the easiest way to get rid of old medication is to take them to a Medication Cleanout event.

WHAT: Medication Cleanout

WHEN: Saturday, September 12th, 10am-4pm

WHERE: Texas Tech School of Pharmacy - 1300 S. Coulter

Texas Panhandle Poison Center, TTUHSC and the Amarillo Police Department will be collecting old, unused medication.  Just bring your unused medication in their original containers to the Medication Cleanout.  Don't worry any identifying information on the bottles will be obscured.