It's hard being a Cowboys fan, it really is. I'm aware that Cowboys haters think we live in some sort of bubble, but it's brutal. We're used to a Super Bowl win every year. We are not used to sucking on national television.

Dallas Cowboys championships come with being a Texas. A ...birthright, if you will. Texas has everything that's cool. The best BBQ. The best music. NASA. It goes without saying that our football team should be the best. (Yes, I know there is a team in Houston, but c'mon.) We have five trophies, but we haven't picked any more since the Clinton administration

At some point, comes the reckoning. The last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl, my youngest child, was four months old. He's been a Marine for three years now. Febreze hadn't been invited yet. Nor had Wikipedia. Or Elf On The Shelf. Texting, Facebook, Google. This goes on and on. Hell, I had just started getting an email.

What was a once a habit, is now a part of the past like rotary phones, I work with people who weren't born, the last time the Cowboys won it all. The Cowboy haters know this. And they just love it. They live for it. I have no opinion on the Baltimore Ravens. But their fans, have an opinion on the Cowboys. So do the fans of Green Bay, Washington, Raiders, and the list goes on and on. You love Dallas or you hate them. The haters have done well lately

Half of my wardrobe has some sort of Cowboys markings on it and I wear it proudly. These days, it makes me a target. Cowboys haters love to hate Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and whoever is the QB. I listen, I smile and I say "Just you wait!"

Cowboys fans are the ones doing the waiting. We haven't won the Super Bowl in over 20 years, and we're not going to win one this year. This Christmas, please be nice to Cowboys fans. We haven't had much to be happy about. You'll see us hanging around the mall, buying Staubach and Aikman jerseys, Probably cussing Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott.

However, should the Cowboys go deep in the playoffs, or God forbid win the Super Bowl, we'll be back, In your face and ready to rumble. We're entitled. We're COWBOYS fans!!!.

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