Chris Beard and Kirby Hocutt Remain Positive After Tough Loss
Chris Beard is a real leader of men. His team didn't quit tonight, even though they were down by 10 late in the second half, they just ran out of time in OT after a replay erased momentum. Beard didn't take a shot at the officials though, he remained humble in defeat, talked about his play…
Slow-Mo Replay Leaves Sour Taste on National Championship
I didn't want to put this in the official recap because it's not why Texas Tech lost the game, but good grief what an all-time awful slow-mo replay overturn in the final minutes of the National Championship game.
The play in question was late in the overtime period and Davide Moretti ran do…
Twitter Reacts to Texas Tech Getting to the Final Four
When a cultural event takes place, I immediately go to Twitter to see the reactions. Last night, Texas Tech men's basketball's first-ever Final Four berth was a cultural event. Twitter did not disappoint.
We'll start with the man himself, Head Coach Chris Beard:
Then, let's go to one of the most popul…

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