Can you feel your soul slowly peeling away from your body as you stare into those piercing eyes? Or is that just the wax melting off this unbelievably poor sculpture of pop star Miley Cyrus, featured above?

In any event, Miley's real-life baby blues are the star of Twitter's latest meme du jour, and it's freakin' me out, man. IT'S FREAKIN' ME OUT.

You may have noticed your Twitter feed flooded with nightmarish images of various celebrities, album covers and more superimposed (often poorly, jarringly) with the Younger Now singer's heavily lined peepers.

The original photo Miley's eyes have been... plucked from... is from her appearance at the Grammy Awards back in 2008.

That was ten years ago, but for some reason, a whole decade later, the former Hannah Montana's near-uncanny valley visage has been deemed ripe for meme-ing. And memed her face has been — added to images of everyone from Bjork to Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born.

If you enjoy not sleeping at night, as well as the general sensation of your skin crawling as though you've just witnessed some terrifying, inexplicable and demonic affront to any and all things holy in this world, check out some of these glorious monstrosities, below. (At your own risk, of course.)

Miley's Most Outrageous Looks

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