It's been one of those weeks. I seem to have a lot of those weeks, lately. And, as I walked out of the house totally annoyed and overwhelmed and feeling pulled in 15 directions, I rolled my eyes, hearing the familiar tone signalling an incoming text. What now?! I glanced at my phone, saw this meme, stopped in my tracks, snorted and then laughed like a hyena.

It was from my best girlfriend who must've sensed I needed a good hyena-like laugh because my attitude was making me feel more like a horse's rear end. And, the meme got me thinking.... Well, first, I thought of that scene from Bridesmaids where they sing "That's what friends are for." And then when I stopped snickering about that, I actually had an intelligent thought: every mom needs another mom who really, really gets her. By texting me that one little e-card, my bestie saved the day and didn't even know it. First, I needed the comic relief. But also, in the midst of all my sulking, I was wondering if I could muster enough words to even write this blog post with it's imminent deadline.

So, here I am at 9:58 on the eve of when this post will be posted for all to see, pecking away on my laptop. And just an hour ago, I had no idea what I'd even write about, if I pulled my attitude out of the gutter and cleared my head enough to write intelligently.

Tonight, because of one, little, silly e-card (about which I am still cracking up) and one very intuitive friend, I am reminded of some things: Who knew a meme could clear your head? That scene from Bridesmaids was really funny. Sometimes, a good friend is all the therapy you need. There's always, always a bright side. This too shall pass. The Serenity Prayer... God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference... and, no matter what happens, at least I don't have ugly kids.