All the mayhem this week has brought to our nation--and our state--has made me do some thinking about the fabled "bucket list." I then remembered I actually have a note on my phone entitled "bucket list." It's a work in progress. Only one thing has been crossed off (learn to make sushi--thanks, husband!) I don't ever look at it, unless I'm adding something. And I certainly don't make any plans to actively accomplish any of the list. So, I guess it's more like a dream list, which kind of flies in the face of everything a bucket list is meant to be.  

We're not promised tomorrow, I know. But I'm really good at avoiding. And procrastinating. If I can find a way to spend my spare moments pondering anything other than my mortality, I will. But, geez, after a week like this, you can't help but think about it. And let's face it, I'm not getting any younger.


So, I pulled out my phone, opened my bucket list note, made some adjustments, and here's what I wound up with:

Buy something for myself at Tiffany

Eat a fresh baked croissant in Paris (France, not Texas. Though, Paris, Texas is on my travel bucket list)

Visit NYC at Christmas time

Write a book (I've been working out ideas in my head for years)

Hop a plane and take an impromptu vacation after a bad day

Read the Bible in it's entirety

Eat New Englad clam chowder... in New England

Take some sort of advanced cooking class (my knife skills are horrendous)

Hike to the top of something

Become fluent in French (I speak a very broken, embarassing version of something that uses French words but somehow comes out with a spanish accent)

Take my kids to all 50 states (hopefully by the time they're young adults. They're currently at 10. I'm at 30.)

Ride a Bike MS event

Spend an afternoon shopping with absolutely no regard for price (just this once!)

Visit Memphis in May (The famed BBQ festival, of course, which happens to take place in Memphis and in May.)

That's it. For now, anyway. I've already crossed off "learn to make sushi," and I deleted "run for public office." I no longer have any kind of faith in or respect for politics. It's not what it used to be. And, it's certainly not what it was intended to be. (Have you seen "House of Cards" on Netflix? I'm convinced this is how our country is genuinely run.)

What's on your list?

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