Last week my itty bitty sweet and innocent little angel went for her first job interview.  Uh, when did this little baby get told she could grow up?  She was just my baby, all sweet and perfect.

Jess C
Jess C

She hated to be picked up.  She was the kind of kid that liked to be left alone.  Her favorite spot in our house was the corner of the couch as an infant.  As she got a little bigger she liked to hang out in her playpen, with a sock in her hand, all by herself.  Her aunt didn’t believe me.  I told her just give the child a random sock and she would be happy if left alone most of the day.

Then one day she was enrolling in high school.  Excuse me, did I miss something?  Since when did the high school allow little babies in?  And now a job interview?  I just don’t think I like this at all.  I don’t ever remember giving her permission to grow up.  I know I would not have said yes to that question.

But today her first job interview.  She spent an hour trying on clothes.  She wrote down all her references to her babysitting jobs and odd jobs for people.  She prayed a bunch and listened to Mommy and Daddy preparing her for all the upcoming questions.
As she walked up to the place, I knew who ever hired her would have found a gem for a 16 year old.  She is a good kid.  I guess she is even a good almost adult.  And yes as I write that there are a few tears forming.

Today it was a job interview, next picking out and applying for college.

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