I am a part of a dinner club.  The kind where we barely come up with a theme and no one dresses up for the night.  The kind where the moms and non moms come together and relax and try their hardest to laugh at the lives we lead.  Which we have found out isn’t too hard to achieve.

Jess C.
Jess C.

The great part about the night isn’t the food though.  Although the food is good, it never really seems to be the real focus.  When we first endeavored this I really thought it would be a fancy event.  Matching silverware, clean cups always readily available, no kids or husbands, you know a wonderful fancy evening.  Our dinner club is everything but fancy.

I usually wear sweats, it’s at my house and I usually forget to change for the evening.  The ladies that come do bring food and that is always wonderful.  My house is decently clean but my kids help with dishes so a clean cup is sometimes a challenge.  But the laughter that happens is what makes the night wonderful.  Each of the ladies knows one other lady in the group.  As each one has joined they didn’t know everyone in the group, but we have become friends.  Good friends, the kind that you can laugh at your problems, the kind that have been a hodge podge support system.

I am friends with all the ladies now on Facebook.  We “like” each other’s posts and such, but the awesome thing is they actually keep up with each other lives.  We have grown to care for one another.  And I feel like I have made friendships beyond what’s for dinner.  Again the food is good, but it is not our focus.  We are to there get away for our normal daily lives.  Because no matter how wonderful your husband is, no matter how great your kids are and no matter how much you love your life, sometimes you just want to eat and laugh and chill.  As women I think sometimes we need to relax in each other’s company.  A time away from the craziness, a time to laugh over whether butternut squash soup is a sweet or a savory soup, and whether baked not fried pickles are worth all the trouble to make them.

I have found that I do need a support system of women.  I need a group of women that accept me for all my craziness, and I know that I am pretty crazy.  However, after the women leave, I feel content. I love my husband a bit more.  I am grateful for my children quite a bit more.  I love my life deeply again, and not because we complained about our spouses or children or lives.  I love it all more because we uplifted each other’s lives, and that is what real girlfriends do.  They help us see through their eyes, and through their eyes I am reminded how I really feel about my life.  I have it pretty good, and each of the women that are a part of our group, they have it pretty good too.  We are blessed through our friendships, our families, our churches and our relationship with God.

Till next month, which for us could be six months away, but when it happens we shall feast.

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