I am sure most bloggers have written about Miley Cyrus and I can’t be left out of the conversation.  So here is my two cents.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

She knew in advance that what she was doing would be controversial and the VMA people knew about too.  I have run concerts before and everyone knows the plans.  There are rehearsals.  Everyone involved knew her plans before hand, and these people didn’t care.  I didn’t even know there was still a show around the VMAs anymore but of course now we all do.  Controversy sells and we as humans feed right into it.

Let me ask another question.  Were your kids watching it that night?  I don’t let my kids watch TV at night.  All the shows in the evening seem to be geared towards adults.  I allow the kids to watch a little in the morning.  A time to themselves before the day starts going at full pace.  So my children were never subjected to Miley and whatever that was called on stage.  I think as parents it is still our responsibility to protect our children.  I will continue to keep this rule to protect my little people and I would encourage other parents to think about it also.  Even the cartoon channels change in the evening.

Now I didn’t see the show the night it played.  I did go over and watch her “performance”.  All though I am not sure what she did would fall under that category.  But I did see it, and the entire time I kept wondering what her family is going to say to her?  I know that next year I will not be watching the show.  I would rather skip out.  After all, we know in advance what they will allow from this year.

While I am at it, I will probably skip most award shows just in case.  Apparently when actors and actresses are allowed to talk for themselves their words aren’t worth hearing.

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