This weekend I visited California, So Cal.  I had a good time, except I couldn’t help but notice the superiority of each person as they realized I was from Texas.  When I would ask for sweet tea, they would look at me funny.  As I would prepay for my gas for my suburban the looks of “how dare I ruin the environment” would ensue.  As I would actually use my blinker to ask and inform other drivers of my intention to change lanes, well let’s just say I think the whole state of California needs to get blinkers installed on their vehicles.  

The West coast is superior in their own eyes because they are college educated.  They recycle.  They drive smart cars and hybrids.  They take care of the world.  While us Texans hunt and kill, drive big gas guzzling trucks and are uneducated redneck type folks.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Now as I say this I am smiling.  You see I am originally from So Cal. I grew up in the valley, used to go to the ocean all the time.  I knew the stereotypes of what a Texan was, and then I moved here my senior year of high school.   My life changed, and this weekend I really saw that.  It started when I took my husband to Santa Monica Pier.  Such a beautiful place full of such ugly people.  Not the tourists, the residents.  We were walking along the beach and I asked a guy how long of a walk to Venice Beach.  He didn’t even bother to stop walking.  He just told me to keep walking.  I asked another person a few minutes later, he said by the lights.  Here in Texas, someone asks you a question, you stop and answer them, and usually make sure they understand what you said.

I also noticed how ugly the place was.  So much traffic, so many unhappy drivers, the street signs were filthy and the smog, and the worst part, no stars.  The beautiful displays of night were all hidden.  We might be known as those that don’t care about our environment, but our environment is so beautiful in contrast.  Yes, California has the ocean, but I like our gulf coast just a bit more now.  And I love the idea of sipping some fresh sweet tea while enjoying it.  So tonight I will look up at the stars and be so grateful for living in this great state and for having neighbors so kind hearted and friendly.  Thanks Texas for allowing me to live here.  I am now a full blown Texan and proud of it!

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