Raising boys while being a female is difficult.  I just don’t understand the way their brains work. I struggle to get in there and make sense of what they are thinking or how they are processing their thoughts.  My oldest son, who is my biological and the one I have raised since birth has been the most confusing.  For years I have begged him to brush his teeth, take daily showers, wear clean clothes, you know, basic hygiene.


The tides have turned all of the sudden.  Now he is washing his face daily, brushing his teeth, taking showers, making sure he looks nice.  I can only wonder what her name is.  I tease at that part but yet I do wonder.  Has it finally clocked that cleanliness is best or is there another reason?  I am ok if a young lady has brought my son to this point.  It’s so much easier seeing him so clean, but I just will never understand why he just didn’t do it all in the first place?  Right behind him I have 3 younger boys who I have to beg to brush their teeth, wash their faces and take showers and other hygiene basics.

Maybe now that the oldest is getting all cleaned up I can hope the little boys will follow?  I know Daddy is always all cleaned up so I just assumed that would be enough.  So here is my question to all you out there with boys.  Is this normal?

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