Sunday I was on I-40 going through Arizona, and this time I fought for the chance to visit the Grand Canyon.  After convincing everyone in the car it was a need, we made the detour.  An hour later or so I was standing in front of such a beautiful site.   I cried.  I cried looking at the majestic beauty that was created by my God.

Jess C.
Jess C.

If you have never been before let me say this.  The pictures you have seen are horrible in contrast to the image of it in real life.  So amazing and so worth the detour, the money to get in and the need to fight the cold wind that was present on Sunday.  The depths, the colors, the waves in the rocks, so amazing.  I left Arizona so much in love with the world my God created.
Then on Monday I made it home around 10:30am and went to bed pretty much right when I walked in the door.  I woke up later on in a haze.  I needed more sleep but I had 6 kids missing Mommy and a house to still run.  It was time to get back to the grind.  And then time stopped again.  All things that had happened over the weekend stopped.  My need for sleep stopped.  My desire to eat stopped.  Life stopped.  Once again we as a nation stopped.

I prayed.  I prayed for those injured, for the families of those gone, for the people now in fear in Boston that they missed a bomb, for the police and bomb diffusers, for the medical team helping.  I prayed for our country and for those that would look at this as a good thing.  I prayed for the Christians that would use this to attack and to blame.  I prayed for the media that they would say the right words to comfort.  I prayed for my family.  I prayed for God’s forgiveness to the person or people that did this, and then I hated the world I lived in.

I did the why’s that most people do.  Why does such evil live in our daily lives?  Can’t these people that do this look at the beauty and try to enhance it instead of destroy?  I wish we could get rid of all the evil and hurt and pain and live in the Garden of Eden like the original plan stated,  but I rest in the knowledge that one day I will.
So today I will search out the beauty in the world.  Some days it is so easy to see the majestic and other days it seems so difficult, but I will still try.  I will still make the effort, and I will raise my children to see the beauty and to pray to the Lord in the ugly.

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