Mother’s Day is upon us and what an awesome day for any mother out there.  We are honored and should be if you ask me.  But, the question I have is,  where did you learn to be a Mom?  How did you learn the necessary skills to not kill your child?  How did we as Moms get to the point where we know “best”?  


I learned from my Mom, but I didn’t learn the usual way.  I didn’t watch her bake cookies and then know that good Moms make cookies.  I didn’t watch her clean house and learn the art of keeping a home together.  In fact, I really didn’t learn what to do at all.  I learned by watching her do all the wrong things.  It may not be the conventional way to teach a child or a young lady how to be a Mom but it worked.  I now see my role, Mommy, as a very important role.  One that should not be taken for granted.  Yes I wish my Mom was the Mrs. Cleaver kind of mommy but that was not my Mom.  And yet, somehow I knew she loved me.   I did grow up to be a confident and happy woman, and really that is what matters most, right?

So Moms reading this post look at your moms.  Look to see the qualities that you like and dislike.  I guarantee if you ask your Mom she will tell you where she went right and where she went wrong.  But, if she can’t or won’t tell you, look at her as an example and then be the best Mom you can be.  Yes, your future child will judge your parenting, and one day you will look back and laugh when your daughter/son says that the things you thought were your successful moments may in their eyes be your mistakes.

But for now, Happy Mother’s Day.

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