I had the chance last week to head to Tulsa, OK to see Taylor Swift on 'The Red Tour,' and I have to tell you it was amazing.

I've liked most of Taylor's songs, but decided that I really wanted to see what she was like live. I was not disappointed.

One of the perks of being in radio is that I have opportunities, from time to time, to go backstage and meet a performer. Luckily, this was one of those times.

First off, everything I've heard about Taylor, from people that have seen her live or have met her, are 100-percent true. She is very down to earth and well grounded.

Before the show at the BOK Center my group was escorted backstage into a real swanky room all decked out with red and white drapes. The room had a soda shop vibe to it, with stools, high chairs and tables. In one corner there were three glass encased costumes from her previous tours and award shows. When Taylor arrived she greeted the group and then starting making her way around the room.

I was amazed how, in the few moments she spent with each person, she made them the center of attention. She was fully engaged in the conversations and was very gracious.

When it was my turn to be introduced to her I offered out my hand, but she would have none of that, she opened her arms wide and gave me this huge 'ole hug. We chatted for a couple of minutes and had our picture taken. My friend Alex, who works for Taylor's record label, told Taylor that I 'drove close to six hours just to come see the show' and she got this huge smile and said, 'you're so sweet.'

As the 'meet 'n greet' was wrapping up she spent a couple minutes addressing the group by thanking us for playing her records and appreciated everyone coming out to the show and hoped that we all would have a great time tonight.

I should mention that after she was done with our group, from radio, she had about three other groups of fans that she would be meeting with backstage.

To further add to the experience her Mom, Andrea (Finlay) Swift, showed up just before things were wrapping up and told us that she would be giving us a behind the scenes tour. I was just as excited to meet her Mom as I was meeting Taylor. Andrea took us around the stage area and showed us the 'quick change rooms' under the stage, the stash of all of Taylor's guitars, the red piano that would be appearing later in the show and the wall-to-wall monitors, which would be showing videos and camera shots from the massive jumbo screens out front.

I have had my fare share of backstage meetings but this is the first and probably only time that I felt like apart of the family.

I'll just sum it up as saying I went from a fan to a raving fan and the show hadn't even started, but I will save that story for another day.

To tide you over until then, here is the show stopping finale from 'The Red Tour.'