It’s always fortuitous when a director and stars who made a great movie decide they’d love to all work together to make another one. Such is the case with Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and David Mackenzie, whose fantastic western homage Hell or High Water was a Best Picture nominee last year. The three have decided to reteam, this time with Netflix, for Outlaw King, which, by the title, sounds like it could be very similar to Hell or High Water. It’s anything but.

Deadline reports that the film is a Scottish epic period drama about Robert the Bruce, the Scottish king whose rebellion against England and crusade for FREEDOOOOOOOOM was dramatized in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. The project is still in talks, but if a deal is made, Mackenzie would direct Pine as King Robert, and his co-star Foster would play Scottish knight James Douglas who becomes the king’s chief adviser. Boy, what I wouldn’t pay to hear the two of them faking Scottish accents.

Deadline also reports that this movie will take a different tone with Robert than Braveheart, which portrayed the Scottish hero as a man of privilege who was manipulated into betraying William Wallace to the English by his power-hungry father, before realizing his mistake and leading his fellow Scotsmen in a rebellion. Outlaw King, in contrast, will see Robert as a more heroic figure who casts aside his family wealth and consolidates his armies among the noblemen to become the hero Scotland needs. It also has a major love story featuring Robert’s queen Elizabeth de Burgh.

In its quest to become more than just a streaming platform, Netflix has been getting some crazy names for its original pictures, most recently Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, Brad Pitt’s War Machine, and Will Smith’s Bright.

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