Living in the panhandle means wide open spaces. It means incredible sunrises and sunsets. It means being able to find a spot to get away from it all. It's all part of the allure of Texas panhandle living. If you have $2.5 million laying around, you can have all of that to yourself.

Lazy Arrow B Ranch is up for sale, and it's a panhandle paradise.

1,320 Acres Of Panhandle Land Northwest Of Amarillo, TX

Lazy Arrow B Ranch, northwest of Amarillo, has pretty much everything you'd want from owning a massive chunk of land in the panhandle. There's incredible views. Beautiful scenery.

JT Haynes w/ Triangle Realty, LLC
JT Haynes w/ Triangle Realty, LLC

There's water on the property, a couple of wells, three pastures, cattle pens, and workshops. It's got a lot going for it.

There's 1,320 acres of panhandle land that you'd get to call home. If you love all things outdoors, you've got to see the photos of this ranch.

A 4 Bedroom Home And Everything To Set Up Your Cattle

There's a 4 bedroom home on the property. It has been used for cattle grazing, and has what you would need in order to get your operation going.

It's a property that's also been used for hunting. Again, if you're the outdoors type, you should check out the photos of the property below. It's beautiful.

JT Haynes w/ Triangle Realty, LLC
JT Haynes w/ Triangle Realty, LLC

If you've got two-and-a-half million dollars and some change lying about, you'll need it to call this spot your own. Otherwise, check out these photos of the Lazy Arrow B Ranch below and join me in day dreaming "what if."

LOOK: The Sacred Splendor That Is The Sprawling Lazy Arrow B Ranch

Listed with JT Haynes of Triangle Realty, LLC, The Lazy Arrow B Ranch is one of the most beautiful places you'll ever walk on this earth. Don't believe me? Take a look.

MASSIVE: Incredible Photos of the Historic 6666 Ranch

The sprawling 6666 Ranch is one of Texas' crown jewels. Established in 1870, the legendary Samuel Burk Burnett built himself an empire of cattle and Quarter Horses.

You can imagine the shock that rippled across Texas when the historic ranch that is twice the size of Chicago was listed for sale.

And it was certainly double the shock when the news came about that Taylor Sheridan, the director of the smash hit show "Yellowstone" was the winning buyer.

There's much to the story of 6666 Ranch and so little time to tell it, but first: just look at the incredible photos of this sprawling piece of Texan paradise.

WHOA NELLY! This $4 MILLION Property Is Definitely Not What You'd Expect....

This is not what you would expect to see listed for $4M on the housing market. But the more you scroll, the lower your jaw will drop. This incredible, sprawling property is the epitome of "roomy". It's listed with Triangle Realty, LLC and you better bet your bottom dollar that we're curious as heck as to who will be the lucky one to snatch up this horse-lover's dream come true.

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