$41.25 for poster supplies. That is what I dropped this week at Michael's on poster board, glitter, Sharpies, and various peel and stick shapes.

That is quite an expense for a girl who does not like to craft. This past Christmas I even bought reusable shopping bags to place Christmas gifts in so I could get out of wrapping. That is how much I dislike crafting.

Lilyana Vynogradova
Lilyana Vynogradova

And yet, here I sit, some alien version of my former self, sketching out my poster design so that this weekend I can cheer on my children in their athletic events, loud and proud. It almost looks like I know what I'm doing.

Until I attempt to apply my actual design, at which point I lay my arm across the glitter glue, then rattle off a profanity-laced whisper tirade, slam some things around and stomp off to clean the glitter off my sweater.

This is how things go when I craft. Which is why I don't craft.

But children change you. They bring out that I-want-to-make-posters-and-roll-fondant--for-ridiculously-elaborate-birthday-cakes-and-hey-I-can-totally-make-that-bunny-burlap-easter-table-runner-I-saw-on-pinterest gene in you.

Sometimes I want that gene to die. I get all excited about a Pinterest craft and buy the supplies and put in the work and it's an epic fail.  I've passed off my own decorated sugar cookies as the work of my children more times than I care to admit.

I love the craft fail memes on Pinterest. You know, the ones that show the "dream" craft, followed by the "reality" craft and a big stamp that says, "nailed it!"  Those are all mine.

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