From Shania Twain to Taylor Swift, there have been plenty of country stars who have made the switch to pop, and even more country artists who have written for pop stars. But what about the other way around?

Over the years, a number of high-profile pop stars have flirted with the twangy sound of the southern United States' musical underbelly, with artists like Miley Cyrus and Cyndi Lauper going so far as to release full-length country albums well into their pop careers.

This spring, Kylie Minogue will release her fourteenth studio album, Golden, which will see the dance-pop diva dive headfirst into the music of Nashville. (Singles "Dancing" and "Stop Me from Falling" already indicate the record will lean heavily into a glittery country-pop hybrid sound.)

But Kylie, Miley and Cyndi are far from the only pop artists to give honky-tonk a try. Below, check out eight pop stars who released country songs and/or albums:

Pop Stars Who Took a Country Music Detour

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