New details have emerged about R. Kelly and his sex-crime charges.

Attorney Gerald Griggs told TMZ that "the federal investigation run by the Northern District of Illinois uncovered over 20 videos of Kelly engaged with minors." Griggs represents some of Kelly's victims including Joycelyn Savage's family.

TMZ's law enforcement sources and Griggs reported that the tapes in question show multiple victims. Prosecutors have confirmed with multiple witnesses that the girls were in fact underage. Griggs claimed that several of Kelly's past and present employees and enablers turned over the videotapes to investigators.

Prosecutors alleged that in 2001 Kelly began paying thousands of dollars to recover the videotapes of him having sex with minors after he realized some of the videos in his collection were missing, CNN reported.

Kelly was arrested while walking his dog on Thursday (July 11) on a 13-count indictment. For the Illinois indictment, Kelly is charged with four counts of producing child pornography,  five counts of enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity, one count of conspiracy to receive child pornography, two counts of receiving child pornography and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

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