Survey says?

It's late and I don't even know where to start this, I'm 1000% skeptical when people share stuff on social media. Especially one that could take down an establishment.

Tonight, a friend of mine shared a link to the Amarillo Buy Sell or Trade page about a woman who found a tooth in her Pizza.

Credit: TSM Amarillo
Credit: TSM Amarillo

I'm not sure if the post is real or not. My gut feeling is this is fake.

Red Flag #1: I visited the profile of the woman who posted to the ground and I don't see any indication of her being from Amarillo, not saying she isn't, but not much evidence of it.

Red Flag #2: She doesn't have very many mutual friends from Amarillo.

Red Flag #3: As I type this, the post has been taken down. Not sure if from the woman or from the admins.

The best thing to do when stuff like this pops up is to be a social media CIA agent. I know you ladies out there are pros at investigating profiles with just a first name. Research, research, research.

Here are a few links of people finding teeth in their pizzas.

Hopefully, the lady can find peace and either solve the mystery of who the tooth belongs to, or learn a valuable lesson about crying wolf.




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