We haven't paid much mind to NBC's 'Revolution' in its second season, but its latest bit of surprisingly meta stunt casting proved too intriguing to ignore. Former 'Poison' frontman and 'Celebrity Apprentice' guest Bret Michaels will guest star in a 2014 episode of the post-apocalyptic thriller, portraying none other than...Bret Michaels!

Entertainment Weekly first reported the curious bit of meta casting, which will see the singer-songwriter guest-starring as a post-apocalyptic version of himself, playing an acoustic cover of iconic hit ballad “Every Rose Has Its Thorn." Says 'Revolution' boss Eric Kripke in a statement announcing the news, “Bret is truly a great guy. I’m a huge fan of his music and I’m thrilled he’s appearing on Revolution." Enthusiastic!

This isn't exactly the first time 'Revolution' has dabbled in pop culture either, previously scoring the rights to several Led Zeppelin songs, and even namedropping NBC past with 'Friends' references. That said, we certainly can't think of many other post-apocalyptic tales to actively incorporate celebrities into their stories. Paging Bill Murray, anyone?

We'll probably tune in, if only for the novelty value, but what say you? Has 'Revolution' proved as electric in its second season? What do you think of the casting gag?

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