Sampling. It's used it a lot of your favorite current Hip-Hop, Rhythmic and, in some cases, even pop and rock songs.

According to Webster's Dictionary, 'sampling' is:

1: the act, process, or technique of selecting a suitable sample; specifically : the act, process, or technique of selecting a representative part of a population for the purpose of determining parameters or characteristics of the whole population

2: a small part selected as a sample for inspection or analysis
3: the introduction or promotion of a product by distributing trial packages of it
For those in the music business, the definition is closer to the second definition. To paraphrase, it's taking a section of previously recorded music and using it (sometimes in addition) to a new piece of music.
With that in mind, I thought I would list off my top five favorite songs that use sampling.

#5 Sunrise - Simply Red

Although this was not a huge commercial success for the band out of Denton, Manchester, England, Mick Hucknall and his group Simply Red did a very nice song sampling Hall & Oates and turning it into a song of their own.
On the other hand, Hall & Oates rode their song 'I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)' all the way to number one in 1981.
Here is the song they sampled from:

I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) - Hall & Oates

#4 Wild Thing - Tone Loc

He was born Anthony Smith in Los Angeles, California. He got his stage name from his Spanish nickname 'AnTONo LOC0.' This would be Tone's first entry into the top forty charts and he would take this song all the way to number two in the spring of 89 with a little help of the drum intro of 'Jamie's Cryin' by Van Halen. He would revisit the chart and the world of sampling with his number three hit, 'Funky Cold Medina.' With that song he would be even more daring and not one, but three songs. 'All Right Now' by Free,' (Not Just Knee Deep' by Funkadelic and 'Christine Sixteen' by Kiss.

Here is the song they sampled from:

Van Halen - Jamie's Cryin'

#3 Miami - Will Smith

I was honestly torn on this one. First off, if I was doing a list of 'top five artist's who use samples,' Will Smith would top the list, but for this list I deliberated between number four or number three. Smith is no stranger to using samples in his music, in fact if someone was to write a book on sampling, Smith would need a whole chapter just to himself. Here he crafts a catchy summertime hit using the Whispers' 'And The Beat Goes On' to take this to the top twenty.

Here is the song they sampled from:

And The Beat Goes On - Whispers

#2 U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

"It's Hammer! Go! MC Hammer! Yo! And the rest can go and play." Oaktown's favorite son, Stanley Kirk Burrell got his original nickname, 'The Little Hammer,' when he was a batboy for the Oakland A's. It seems people thought he had a striking resemblance to "Hammerin'" Hank Aaron. Hammer pulls off a great song, which was a top ten hit, using funk superstar Rick James' 'Super Freak.' Turn it up, cause it's "Hammertime!"

Here is the song they sampled from:

Super Freak (Pt 1) - Rick James

#1 All Summer Long - Kid Rock

Robert Ritchie, best known as Kid Rock, recently said that he has the dumbest name in the music business. The recently turned 30 year old says that for the rest of his life he will be known as 'Kid.' Personally, I think he will be best remembered for his music not his recording name. Don't we all want to keep some of our 'kid like qualities' anyway? Here Ritchie shines by using two different songs to sample, 'Sweet Home Alabama' from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Warren Zevon's, 'Werewolves Of London.' Even though his biggest hit to date is a duet with Sheryl Crow, 'Picture,' this one will surely stand the test of time as a summertime anthem.

Here is the song they sampled from:

Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon

So now that you've listened to my top five, did I miss any of your favorites? Do you agree with mine? Send me your comments and let me know.

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