Rose McGowan has spoken out after someone allegedly threatened to release her sex tape.

On Wednesday (December 18), the Charmed alum took to Twitter to share details about her "icky" situation, which involves being blackmailed by a supposed ex-lover. Though she didn't name names, McGowan claims this "person from her past" has also threatened to expose her history of drug use.

“I find it deeply distasteful to discuss my personal life, but because I let the wrong person touch me, I’m in an icky situation," she began her series of tweets. "Here’s the situation. a person from my past is (via a 3rd party) now allegedly threatening to release a sex video of me and say I enjoy recreational drugs."

"The truth is, I do. I am an adult in supposedly the ‘freest country in the world’. I try to live my life by doing what I want when I want," McGown continued. "Believe me, I’ve earned it."

The actress then went on to admit she has, in fact, done drugs in her life, including LSD.

“If you think I have not done drugs, well, that’s nuts. I’m the daughter of hippies who were experimenting with a new way to live. I wrote in my autobiography Brave that I did LSD at the eighth grade dance," she wrote. "I own that I may be strange and live as others do not, but that’s cool. It is my right to live as I see fit."

As most know, the 46-year-old is one of the first people to come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct and hinted that her blackmailer could be one of the "many devils" that are after her.

"What I do know is that I’m being bullied and I think blackmailed," she said. "I have so many devils after me, it’s honestly hard to keep track of the s--t bags riding my tails.'

You can read Rose McGowan's full statement, below:

Unfortunately, McGowan isn't the first celebrity to be blackmailed or have their sex tapes released. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Colin Farrell have also been involved in some of the biggest celebrity sex tape scandals.

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