As we reported back in January, after more than a decade, Chase Bank is leaving Amarillo's tallest building. Much like Xcel Energy and WT, Chase has opted to move their offices to another location in Amarillo. The question that was looming was, what would happen to the large Chase signs that sit atop what we all call the 'Chase Tower?' Would we even call it the 'Chase Tower" anymore?

The building's leasing agent, Aaron Emerson, tells the Amarillo Globe-News that the Chase signs will be coming down by March 8th. Emerson says the tower, which opened in 1971, will likely be renamed 'Amarillo Tower' and that another area bank's name could replace most of the Chase signage at the building. He did not state specifically if that meant new, lighted signs atop the building.

Although the 'Amarillo Tower' name has been provided by the leasing agent, we have heard that the naming decision is not final and could change depending on future tenants that pay for naming rights. Prior to becoming the 'Chase Tower' in 2006, it has been known as 'SPS Tower' and the 'Bank One Center.'

If the tower's name does remain generic such as the 'Amarillo Tower,' what do you think should be another name considered? Comment below and give us your best suggestions. I am going for 'Tower McTowerface.'

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