We live in a world where every person has an opinion.  It seems more and more that if you don't agree with that person, you are not worthy, that you are wrong.  Then if you don't agree hate seems to spew.  I don't know about you but I'm tired, I'm worn out with all the negativity in today's world.  Can we not as human beings be nice to each other and just agree to disagree without spewing hate.

Happy young business woman enjoying some light moments
Jacob Wackerhausen

Today is a day we can help turn that around and spread a little love.  It's National Compliment Day.  Now I know we don't need a day to be nice, but it's a great start.

Today, I challenge you to take a moment and compliment a person you rarely speak to or even a stranger.   Maybe it's a coworker you pass in the hall every day, or someone you bump into at the coffee pot.  Just take 2 seconds and say something nice.  Compliment their hair, their outfit, or even their unique coffee mug.  If you are out on delivery and there's a person in the business you deliver to weekly and rarely speak to, say something nice.

You'll make a difference in their day.  Who knows?  Maybe if we each do this today, it will spread.

One kind word or compliment can make a difference.  We all have things about ourselves we don't like, and maybe, that one compliment could boast someones self confidence and change their whole outlook.

Instead of living in a world of disagreement, let's live in a world of making people smile.

So take the challenge and go out and compliment someone this morning, this afternoon and this evening.  Maybe even make it a challenge to compliment someone new each day.


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