If you've noticed the fliers, or have been handed one of the bags, you know that Scouting For Food is back for another year. The annual food drive has grown, and is making a huge impact in the area.

Here's how you can help provide meals for those without in our area.

Plan Ahead For March 25, 2023 In Amarillo And Surrounding Area

That's the big day. It's the day you will need to have your bag of non-perishable food items set out for the Scouts to collect.

You'll need to have it sitting out, on the curb, by 9AM

The food that is collected will go to help Amarillo, and surrounding communities.

Canyon, Hereford, And Friona Will Be Collecting As Well

The old saying starts with "It takes a village..." and this is truly a group effort. Scouts will be collecting donations from not just those in Amarillo who want to help, but also in Canyon, Hereford, and Friona.

With all of these communities coming together, they've been able to accomplish some amazing things when it comes to making sure those who need food in the panhandle get it.

The High Plains Food Bank And The Scouts

The Scouts have partnered with High Plains Food Bank. If Scouts did not make it to your neighborhood, and you would like to donate, you can donate directly to High Plains Food Bank. They're at 815 Ross Street in Amarillo.

The program has brought in record breaking amounts of food over the past few years. Not only have people donated the non-perishable food items, but they've also been donating online. For every $1 that is donated, 13 meals are provided.

Make sure Saturday is marked on your calendar, and that you have your donations ready.

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