When you become a senior in high school, there are some milestones you have to experience.  Prom, buying your senior ring, filling out your college applications, getting your cap and gown, those are just a few of the things.  However, when it comes to playing senior pranks, some people see that as a right of passage. 

Most of the senior pranks that happen are harmless, however, some pranks get taken way to far and some people end up in trouble.  Some don't get to walk during their graduation ceremonies, some get suspended, some even get in trouble with the law.

Four students in Ohio were arrested after deflating the tires on 24 school buses as a senior.  The boys were charged with vandalism.  The prank cause classes to be cancelled for that day.


Some senior class pranks are harmless, but when they cause damage or can danger the lives of other people that is taking it way to far.

So what kind of senior prank did you pull or what was pulled by other kids in your class. Share with us in the comments below.

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