Anyone who has been anywhere near the Texas panhandle in the month of March knows that there is one place, and one place only, you set your sights on for a good time. People come from all over to the iconic tiny Route 66 town to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Shamrock is ready for their 76th annual, three day, St. Patrick's Day celebration.

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The Shamrock, TX St. Patrick's Celebration Is On For 2023

We're not too far removed from hard times when it came to the St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Think back a couple of years. It was a sad, and trying time.

I grew up in western Oklahoma, and the St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Shamrock was a big part of my life. Everyone I knew went to it for at least one day. When the fate of the Celebration was hanging in the balance, I know I wasn't alone feeling heartbroken.

This year, though, it's nothing but good news. They're back again with number 76, following up a wonderful year last year with number 75, and they've got quite the theme lined up.

It's Green & Free In '23 For Shamrock, Texas This St. Patrick's Day

You have to love it. It's bold. It makes a statement. It' very Shamrock at St. Patrick's Day...time.

There's already t-shirts emblazoned with the year's theme, and quite honestly I'm picking my brain over whether or not I'm going to be making space for more than one of them.

What Is The St. Patrick's Day Celebration In Shamrock, Texas Like?

For the uninitiated, of which there might be a few, the way it goes down is like this. Friday night there's a little bit of a get together...a little soiree if you will. There's the carnival, the debut of the Miss Irish Rose, and there's the dance.

Yes, the dance. Let me tell you, they know how to throw one in Shamrock. You'll want to show up ready for a good time.

Saturday it's an all day ordeal that, if you're lucky, won't leave you too exhausted and sunburned. That includes the parade.

Eat your fill of whatever your paws can wrap around, because you'll have to make it to the concert that night.

By the way, that concert doesn't disappoint. Two, there might even be more dancing involved.

Sunday, you get to recoup a bit and go slow. You have the pageant, carnival, and craft show. Click here for more info.

Of course along the way there's green beer and Donegal beards, revelry, and good food. There's catching up with old friends and making new ones.

I'm really looking forward to it this year Shamrock.

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