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The TxDot Road Report
Texas Department of Transportation construction crews will be back out working on our area roadways this week. Always keep in mind construction and maintenance work will be subject to change due to weather or any emergency events when it comes to the city's renovations.
TxDOT Needs Ways To Fund Our Highway System
TxDOT officials in January had agreed that the agency needs an additional $4 billion a year to maintain current traffic levels. Texas has increasingly relied on debt financing and tolls to expand the highway system.
What’s Your Favorite Monkees Song? [POLL]
As you've probably already heard, Monkees singer Davey Jones died today at the age of 66.
In honor of Jones and the Monkees, we're asking - what's your favorite Monkees song? We've picked out five and you can watch the videos below. Then, let us know which classic tune you love be…
The BBQ Barons of Amarillo’s Taste of Country BBQ Nationals
Things are just heating up - literally - down here at the Taste of Country BBQ Nationals, but the BBQ All-Stars have been set up all day, preparing for feats of grillery sure to knock the socks off even the most die-hard Texas BBQ fanatics.
We caught up with some of the BBQ barons - read on for a few…