Even with a lack of rainfall in Amarillo, a large sinkhole has opened up along 34th Avenue just east of the intersection with Osage Street. The hole is about 4 feet wide, 10 feet long, and roughly 5 feet deep. It stretches from a fenced yard out towards 34th, where it goes under the sidewalk and is starting to go under the roadway. Scary!

At last check, 34th was still open even though the hole has been coned off. The city has not released any information about how the hole or pipe will be fixed and whether repairs will be needed to the roadway and sidewalk.


Neighbors believe it has to do with a water main that runs along the north side of the street where the hole has opened. A small cast iron piece of pipe was sitting next to the hole, however the water main line was not visible.

This area has seen it's share of water main problems since last fall. In October, a subcontractor working for the Amarillo Independent School District hit the water main just a few hundred yards east of the sinkhole while digging to install a new fiber optic network at Caprock High School.

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