Trump cabinet picks have been bad, but not Breaking Bad, at least until now. The SNL cold open for John Cena’s debut hour got Bryan Cranston reprising his iconic role as Walter White, tapped to head the DEA (what else) in the new administration.

SNL’s penultimate cold open of 2016 saw Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway defending Trump’s cabinet picks on Beck Bennett’s The Lead With Jake Tapper, including new DEA head Walter White. And yes, in case you were wondering, Walter White indeed faked his death; apparently only the third of Trump’s cabinet to do so.

Moreover, it seems Walter White is all in for border wall, especially if it means less competition from Mexico in moving his product. It’s time to make America cook again, to distribute some of that red, white and crystal blue.

Watch the sketch for yourself above, and stay tuned for more on John Cena’s SNL debut.

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