A Star is Born this way?

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. wants Lady Gaga to join Bradley Cooper in his proposed remake of the Hollywood classic A Star Is Born. Cooper may also make his directorial debut with the film. Via Deadline:

The update here is [Cooper and Gaga] tested and the studio loved the results. I can tell you reliably that she was the one actress he went to, after things didn’t work out with Beyonce, and they sparked to one another. Negotiations are expected to happen shortly.

This project has been talked about for a long time. A looooooong time. The ScreenCrush archives have articles about it dating back to 2012, when the idea of Cooper and Beyonce sharing the screen in this showbiz drama was first floated. It was on and off for years (Clint Eastwood nearly directed at one point, Leonardo DiCaprio considered the male lead), and now it looks like the project has some heat on it again, now with Cooper starring and directing opposite Gaga. He and her could, y'know, write a bad romance or whatever.

This would be the fourth A Star Is Born film since the 1930s. Frederic March and Janet Gaynor were the original stars in William Wellman’s 1937 film about an aging star (March) and his relationship with a young actress (Gaynor). In 1954, Judy Garland and James Mason took over the leads; in 1976, Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson made a version set in the music business. With Beyonce and Gaga eyed for the female lead in this version it sounds like that’s the route Cooper plans to go too.

With her musical talent and acting chops, Gaga seems like a perfect choice. Plus she knows a thing or two about the Fame Monster, which might as well be the alternate title of A Star is Born.

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