20120913 25 Thomas Hill Standpipe, Bangor, Maine
Fans of Stephen King are familiar with certain real life cities in Maine including; Bangor, Orono, Augusta (the State Capitol) and Portland. But through his books we've all been transported to some now famous 'fictional towns' in the 'Lumber State.'

Let's take a look at some of these cities and find out where they're located in the state.

Castle Rock: This town along with Derry have probably been used the most in King's Work. We were first introduced to Castle Rock in The Dead Zone. You can learn more about this little New England town, with dark secrets, in Cujo, Creepshow and finally in Needful Things. In the mid 80s King had a monthly newsletter that was named after this famous town.

Derry: Derry made it's debut in It. It is close to Bangor but, according to King, it is actually his version of Bangor itself. Other mentions and settings in Derry include; The Tommyknockers, Insomnia, Bag of Bones and most recently in 11/22/63.

Haven: This coastal town has been made famous by it's television show namesake, which airs on the SyFy Channel. The show Haven is based on King's mystery novel, The Colorado Kid.

The map below, available from Stephen King's Official Website can show where these towns are located in respect to their real-life counterparts.


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