Buying your home is a big deal.  It's going to be your home.  Plus, you are making at least a 30-year commitment.  It's a huge decision but at the same time, it is an amazing accomplishment.

So when it comes to buying your first home, is Amarillo an ideal place to buy your first house?   WalletHub and their experts are back to determine which cities in the country are the best and worst cities for first time home buyers.

They compared 300 US cities with the following dimensions, affordability, real estate market and quality of life.

Out of 300 cities Amarillo came in #168.  Although they aren't at the bottom of the list the aren't at the top.   Broken Arrow, OK came in at #1 as the best place for first time home buyers.  Berkeley, CA came in as the worst place for first time home buyers.

Don't let this discourage you if you are trying to buy your first home in Amarillo.  We have some amazing real estate agents in this city that will work with you to find your dream home.   It can be a tedious and frustrating process but in the end you'll be in your very own home.  Plus it's a great city to live in.

Source: WalletHub

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