Jeffrey Dead Morgan is something of a TV vagabond, to the point that few expected to see him in another horror-tinged genre series while Supernatural was still airing. Now that the erstwhile papa Winchester has found a home cracking skulls on The Walking Dead, however, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is having a bit of fun over Twitter.

You’re warned of light Walking Dead (as well as decade-old Supernatural) spoilers, but it’s especially eerie for Supernatural fans to see the heroic, if hard-edged John Winchester gleefully tormenting our Walking Dead heroes as the foul-mouthed Negan. That said, it wouldn’t seem too out of place for any Winchester to swing a bat and dead or undead alike, for which Jensen Ackles teased his onscreen father over Twitter:

Morgan even took the time away from murdering all your onscreen favorites to address his TV son’s find:

And it goes on like this, even getting Morgan’s poor victim involved:

Morgan hasn’t appeared on physically Supernatural since Season 2, but at least lent his voice to an episode in Season 3, while a string of younger actors have played John Winchester at different points in his life since. The actor has also previously expressed an openness to return, while Supernatural itself has entertained the idea of ending after 300 episodes.

In the meantime, Supernatural Season 12 continues on The CW, while The Walking Dead Season 7 airs on Sundays.

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