Martyn Ashton’s Insane Road Bike Stunt Video Going Viral [VIDEO]
This video is completely insane! Not only is he doing amazing and crazy jumps, drops, and tricks, but he's doing it all on a "road bike". This is the kind of thing you might expect to see on a mountain bike or BMX, but not a road bike. And, in all reality, you aren't going to see very many people who are able to pull off these stunts.
Donald Trump Replaces Young Boy’s Stolen Bike [VIDEO]
Turns out that underneath all his famously bad hair, Donald Trump actually does have something slightly resembling a heart. After 10-year-old Culley Larson’s BMX bike was stolen, the youngster hoped to appeal to the thief by writing a letter to his paper asking for its return. ABC News picked up his cause and their coverage went viral. The dastardly criminal never did surface, but several generous
Foldable, Electric-Powered Bicycles Just Might Be the Wave of the Future [VIDEO]
If you've got $3,600 to spare and don't mind folks gawking at you from behind the wheel, it might be time to invest in a "YikeBike." Conceived as a faster and lighter alternative to the Segway, the YikeBike is a foldable electric bicycle that was ranked by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2009. It looks kind of like a unicycle with a training wheel, but its inventors say it